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How to successfully digitize your business and consistently generate 6-figure monthly sales...

...without spending a single cent on advertising costs and without putting the future of your company in the hands of big tech companies (we love independence).

  • Over 500+ successful customers

Premium customers on autopilot...

For many people out there, this sounds like an unattainable dream. Premium customers approaching me out of sheer enthusiasm? How is that supposed to work? I'll tell you one thing from the bottom of my heart.

It doesn't matter if you haven't yet found a sustainable system that generates daily appointment requests from your dream clients.

If we look at the facts, we can see straight away that around 95% of experts and service providers have the same problem. You are not alone with this problem.

Waiting for the next recommendation from existing customers without creating a system yourself that generates inquiries for you with certainty means that you are not yet running a sustainable business.

This is exactly why we show you how to generate new inquiries from premium customers continuously and predictably. Even without a high budget, you will generate your first high-priced customer within a short time.

Let's set up your profitable
premium inquiry system together.

Coaching for anyone who wants to win premium customers in a predictable way

Become a respected expert within your niche and win customers on autopilot


Win your first customers without any advertising budget. In the strategy phase, we provide you with everything you need to do this.


With the help of step-by-step instructions, we position you uniquely on the market and show you how to sell your offer correctly.


We support you in creating a scalable business model that brings you sustainable 6-figure monthly revenues as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

The 5 building blocks we use to scale your business to 6-figure sales in a short time

Learn the key success levers for rapidly scaling your business from self-employed to entrepreneur

1. The Subconscious Mind

The success of your business depends 90% on your subconscious. Set the right focus and let your business grow with ease.

2. Offer And Positioning

Learn how to position yourself unrivaled and attract your ideal customer. Let us guide you and develop a digital, irresistible offer.

3. Online Customer Acquisition

Winning customers online is always easy if you know how to sell properly. With my strategy, you don't have to invest a cent in advertising budgets to begin with.

4. Marketing and Branding

Visibility and the right branding are the elementary cornerstones for generating trust, authority and buying interest among your prospective customers.

5. Sales

After initially acquiring your first customers without an advertising budget, you can now invest in advertisements! Turn 1000 euros advertising budget into 5000 euros, 10000 euros into 50000 euros turnover.

Let's set up your profitable premium inquiry system together.


Nutrition expert

"Bora was there for me day and night was there for me day and night and had a positive influence on my entire life."

Niklas E.

The guide I was looking for. The training gave me exactly the guide I was looking for to build my own business. Bora Imren is highly motivated and very helpful. I am very satisfied overall. Now it's just a matter of putting it all into practice.

Simon D.

Thanks to Bora's tips, I can save myself a lot of mistakes and simply make faster progress. Clear strategies are provided here! I am completely satisfied and will probably remain a Bora customer for a long time to come.


My very best recommendation for Imren Consulting! The learning content and structure are perfect, the support and supervision are excellent! Individual, competent and appreciative! Goals are not only promised, but also achieved!


Very good support from Mr. Imren, many opportunities to get feedback on his questions and detailed instructions for building your own business. I am very satisfied with the company.

First, we work together to lay the foundations for solid 5-digit monthly sales

To be honest, many coaches and service providers skip this elementary step. This is precisely why we place particular emphasis on a strong foundation.

The testing

A successful company is always based on a solid foundation, as this is the only way it can really grow sustainably. Together, we analyze your offer and your positioning and optimize it until the foundation of your business never becomes fragile again.

High Income

A test phase is necessary to check your positioning and branding. During this phase, you will gain the necessary insights for your foundation.

Your Offer

The insights gained will help you to constantly optimize your offer so that it will be irresistible for your prospective customers to buy from you.

The Scaling Phase

In this step, we implement hugely important processes such as the automation of your sales and the targeted development of A-team members.

As soon as you have a constant 5-digit monthly turnover, we scale up to 6-digit monthly turnover in 5 steps

Once you have achieved your first successes, you can look forward to the next step - because in this step your business will grow to 6-figure sales.

About Bora Imren

Father of a family - entrepreneur - visionary

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a newcomer in my field - on the contrary. With my 13 years of experience in online marketing, I am at the forefront with my many years of expertise.

I am a passionate entrepreneur whose professional career began over 17 years ago. A family man who was - and is - not prepared to lose valuable time with my family and instead acts in a solution-oriented manner.

A visionary who today supports hundreds of coaches, consultants and experts in the implementation of a digitally successful company.

This is what I stand for with my values.

This is how I discovered the power of digital entrepreneurship for myself

True to the motto "The journey is the reward", my career began over 17 years ago. Back then, products and services were mainly sold offline and the digital world was of a different relevance.

However, the way in which products were sold - the psychology behind sales - did not differ significantly from today. This is one of the reasons why many clients today benefit from my many years of experience.

My expertise - selling successfully - works off- and online and is internationally recognized. In 2007, for example, I was recognized as the best successful salesperson in London. This success was to become a milestone in my career and laid the foundation for my work today.

Let's set up your profitable
premium inquiry system together.

Do you still have questions? I'm sure you'll find the answers here

  • 1. practical foundation Bora's knowledge and expertise have been successfully applied in practice for 17 years, giving him not only the title of the experienced academic who relies on theory, but much more he is from practice for practice.
    2. joint growth Through close cooperation and direct 1:1 coaching, both online and at your location, Bora is a strong partner at your side to grow together with you. No one is left behind and is on their own!
    3. individuality Everyone is individual and unique - including you! In this consultation, you will only be offered what really suits you and the goals you want to achieve.
    4. quality over quantity! - A detailed pre-qualification process checks who is actually suitable for coaching. This is the only way to ensure a smooth and pleasant collaboration for both parties.
    5. transparency Bora also had to fall down many times to learn from his mistakes, which is why he knows exactly how you feel. No one will make a name for themselves here, but will show you how to get up again with the right motivation.
  • As an expert in business consulting and coaching with a focus on digital sales processes, it goes without saying that we will mainly meet via virtual group conferences or in 1:1 meetings.
    But until then, we have to go through individual steps, which usually look like this:
    Step 1
    You book an appointment for a free initial meeting You can book the appointment using the link below. Optionally, you can also simply scan the QR code, which will take you directly to our website.
    Step 2
    We take stock of your current situation together and see whether it makes sense for both parties to work together A member of staff will call you on the telephone number you provide for the appointment.
    In this 20-minute initial meeting, we will look together at your current situation. Based on the information you provide, we will filter out together what exactly your foundation is and whether we can filter out a suitable offer for a collaboration.

    Step 3
    We present you with your individual solution If the initial meeting has shown both parties that it makes sense to work together, we would then look at making a second appointment. In this 45-minute appointment, we will present you with a customized coaching plan to help you achieve your goals.
    This will consist of:
    → Online training seminars 
    → Virtual live coaching sessions in group constellations
    → 1:1 coaching sessions and consultations
    → Consultations on site
  • The most common payment options available are PayPal, instant bank transfer and credit card. Billing takes place via the payment provider elopage.

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